Benefits & Qualifications

Why Join CREW New York

CREW New York has been the largest, leading and highest profile organization for women real estate professionals in New York City for going on 40 years. In fact, we were the first such organization founded in the United States.

It’s fitting that we were founded in New York City, one of the world’s most exciting, challenging, competitive and compelling real estate cities. New York sets trends; we’re leaders, not followers. Thus CREW New York, like the city it represents, has a long history of vision, innovation and numerous “firsts."

In a city as real-estate driven — and generally driven — as New York, you need a competitive edge. And that edge can be membership in CREW New York.

We believe that one of the keys to achieving success is participating in an industry organization. Unlike many associations with a single discipline focus, be it finance, corporate real estate or architecture, CREW New York draws its membership from the full spectrum of an industry which creates a vibrant membership of non-competitive disciplines from which current knowledge can be had and valuable contacts made.

The specific benefits of membership — education, networking and leadership opportunities — can be found below. But it is often the intangible that is most valuable. At CREW New York, that includes an environment of genuine support and sharing, a place where an entire deal can be done with your seat mates at a luncheon, where you are linked into much more than a website, and where, for nearly 40 years, we have been committed to leading change in leveling the playing field for women by building relationships that build opportunities and business.

Joining CREW New York and the entirety of CREW Network, will serve to advance your career and also support the success of women in commercial real estate.


Every CREW member contributes to the collective knowledge, experience, and voice of both CREW New York and CREW Network. We welcome industry leaders to apply for membership in one of the following categories:

Premier/Basic: Individuals currently employed in and who have five or more years’ experience working in one of the qualified area of specialization in commercial real estate. [Monthly luncheon fees are included in Premier level members' dues; registration fees can be paid at the time of registration for Basic level members.]

Associate: Individuals currently employed in and who have less than 5 years’ experience in a QFCRE.

Affiliate: Individuals currently employed in and who have five or more years' of experience in a field related to CRE, which benefits, supports or supplies a service or product to CRE professional.

Graduate Student: Individuals currently enrolled full time as a student pursuing a post graduate degree in the commercial real estate field.

Undergraduate Student: Individuals currently enrolled full time as a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in the commercial real estate field.

Prior to submitting an application please make sure to have:

  1. Attended one CREW New York event 
  2. Forms from two current CREW New York members who will serve as sponsors  
  3. Referenced the membership application and CREW Network Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) to determine the level of membership for which you will apply.
Online Application Form

Membership dues are due upon receipt of the Notice of Acceptance and the dues invoice.  
Memberships are on a calendar year term (expire December 31); annual dues are billed each November.

For more information or for assistance with identifying sponsors please contact:

Kasey Pace

Membership Chair

Soudeh Ahmadian

Membership Vice Chair