Member of the Month - Christa Collier

January 8, 2023
Christa Collier
Director, Asset Management
Columbia Property Trust
CREWbiz Profile
How many years a CREW Member?
Less than 1

Fun Fact
I have always been passionate about theater, to the point of obtaining a Masters Degree in Theater as well as becoming a member of Actors Equity. To this day I still sing in my spare time and try to attend shows when I have an opportunity. I hope to be able to participate in community theater again later on in life, perhaps when I retire or as an evening hobby if time ever allows.

What is a business opportunity you are seeking?
In mid-November, I was invited to guest lecture at Baruch College with a fellow CREW NY member, Carolyn Pianin, at Baruch College. In so doing, I was able to meet with the Dean of Real Estate. We discussed the importance of public speaking as a critical skill for all professionals and an addition that would further differentiate Baruch’s Business/Real Estate majors, in order to enhance their Professional Development. As a result, I am developing a Public Speaking certificate course which will begin in 2023 and, if successful, could be instituted into the overall curriculum for Real Estate students.

What are some of the tools in your skill-set which have been critical to you in your career?
Public speaking has proven to be one of the most powerful tools used in my career. Having a Masters in Theater certainly helped me develop this skillset, which I have continued to hone to further my career internally and externally through participation at CRE events, panels, and expos. Another skillset that goes part and parcel with public speaking is my relationship building and people skills. Spending most of my career in management, I've found that being a strong people person has been more advantageous than any specific set of expertise. When you build strong relationships, you build a strong career.

What is something you believed earlier in your career, and now think differently about?
Early in my career, I believed that I needed to always be available and say “yes” in order to be successful. This led to situations where I was taken advantage of, under paid, and overworked, and ultimately burnt out. I still strongly believe in teamwork and going the extra mile, but time and experience have helped me realize that setting boundaries is important and realistic boundaries should never prevent career growth if you’re working for the right company. Like most things, this is easier said than done, and I am still working to embody these boundaries and strike balance.