Member Mondays - Theresa Garelli

December 11, 2022
Theresa Garelli
VP & Agency Underwriting Counsel
Stewart Title Insurance Company
CREWbiz Profile
How many years a CREW Member?

Fun Fact
Passion for travel

Describe a key piece of advice you received during your career, and how it impacted you.
One of my mentors told me early in my career that everyone in your company is essential. The janitors, receptionists, administrative assistants, mail clerks, etc., and other professionals and executives contribute to the company's success. Every individual is entitled to respect and courtesy.

If you were not involved in real estate, what would you be doing now and why?
If I were not in the real estate industry or an attorney, I would definitely be involved in the travel industry.

How has CREWNY provided value to you?
Not only has CREWNY been a source of business and job opportunities, but membership has also provided effective tools for growth and education on both professional and personal levels. Most important are the dear friendships made and cherished.