Member Mondays - Farrah Forbes

June 26, 2022
Farrah Forbes
Property Manager
CREWbiz Profile
How many years a CREW Member?

Fun Fact
Last year, I started taking aerial fitness classes and fell in love with it. Almost a year later, I completed over 350 classes (talk about a fanatic - LOL) and have progressed quite quickly in aerial hoop, pole dance, and aerial yoga.

How did you get started in CRE and why? Does it differ from your reasons for remaining in CRE?
As with most people who end up in property management, I just "landed" here. I always had an interest in real estate and gave real estate sales a try. After seeing how cutthroat the NYC market was, I decided to find a career path in the industry that would provide more stability and stumbled into property management. I started as a leasing agent and worked my way up to property manager overseeing a variety of multifamily communities. I saw that CRE provided many different career paths that are both challenging and exciting that my experience in property management gave me a good foundation for, so I'm still here!

Tell us about an accomplishment you are proud of.
Being super intentional about advancing my career and enhancing my skills. In a very short period (less than two years), I earned my CPM designation and NYS real estate brokers license, dived into networking which lead to being offered several leadership positions on CREWNY committees, completed the first two semesters of my MBA program, and was accepted into the Spring 2022 Project REAP Academy; all while working towards making a transition from residential into commercial property management. It definitely has not been easy, but I stayed the course, continued learning and making connections - and now I'm one step closer to my goal of getting into asset management.

How has CREWNY provided value to you?
CREWNY has been so, so amazing! From day one I felt not only welcomed and supported by the women of CREWNY, but also really inspired by all of them. I came to CREW to build my professional network, improve my leadership and public speaking skills, learn more about CRE, and position myself to take my career to the next level. I received all of that and so much more, including my current role with Newmark which was a direct result of using my CREW connections. I don't have enough space to really delve into how valuable CREWNY has been for me, but connect with me if you want to learn more!