Member Mondays - Viviana M. Addo

November 8, 2021
Viviana M. Addoo
Founder, Asset Management & Acquisitions
CREWbiz Profile

How Many Years a CREWNY Member?
This is my first year

Fun Fact:
When I am not busy working or recording my podcast, I am rollerblading by the Hudson River while listening to Martin Garrix or Led Zeppelin

Tell us about an accomplishment you are proud of.
Today, not only am I proud of not giving up, but I’m also proud of thriving through hard times. The pandemic has changed CRE. Realizing my consultancy, VMCASA, needed to be rebranded to work with the changing world. So I began working out how I and my company could plan for the future. Thanks to this planning, I’m now managing a portfolio of over 3,000 units, with many more to come. In darker days of the pandemic, I started working on thought leadership content. I was honored to host a number of important industry leaders on my podcast, Growing Cities. VMCASA won a Platinum MUSE Creative Award, and my podcast Gold.

What about CRE ignites your passion? How about in your current role?
The knowledge that I’m paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future as an asset manager in the affordability sector. VMCASA recently gained Lemor Development Group as a client. With LDG, I’m working on revitalizing affordable housing in some of the world’s most expensive cities. Specifically, I’m now helping them acquire and improve a range of buildings across the Eastern seaboard. One thing I really love about LDG is that it’s a growing minority owned business. Another driver of my passion is advocation for minorities. With LDG, I am making sure they get the affordable, high quality housing they deserve.

Who or what inspires you? Why?
I have to divide this answer into two parts: my professional inspiration, and my personal inspiration. On a professional level, I’ve been inspired by many of the commercial real estate leaders I’ve spoken with on the Growing Cities Podcast. It’s hard to select my favorites, but I think I’ve whittled it down to six. In terms of inspiring conversations, then I have to say that Diego Piedrahita, Julian Espinoza, James Robert Sellinger, Stuart Brodsky, Frank Braconi and Nadya Rangel were positively game changing for me and my audience. On a personal level, my child Lola, is undoubtedly my greatest inspiration.