Member Mondays - Lea Cosenza

October 10, 2021
Lea Cosenza
NY Office Director/Associate
The Harman Group
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How Many Years a CREWNY Member?

Fun Fact:
I have three girls, (ages 3, 7, and 9). I love doing any and all arts and crafts and baking with them. We often go to the craft store to roam around the aisle looking for projects. The messier the project the better!

Who or what inspires you? Why?
Can I say money? I know everyone is thinking that. Just joking…The challenge and the people around me inspire me. It started with my sister and continues with my colleagues. They have and continue to push me to beyond my comfort zone. I am always striving to improve myself and challenge myself to be better. I want my three girls to see that you can be a great mom and still have a successful career while still pursuing your dreams and hobbies. If others around me can do it, why not me?

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?
The last year was challenging because of Covid but it allowed me to really take the time to be with my family and think about my future. I enrolled in a 2-year MBA program, and I am currently focusing a lot of effort on my current role for The Harman Group. I also learned that everything thrown in my direction, I can handle. I may need to rely on others and ask for help, and that’s okay.

What advice would you give on how to achieve work/life balance?
Stop trying to achieve work/life balance. Take each day one day at a time, and whatever is the most important on that day, put your effort into that. Make appointments to take care of yourself just like you would with meetings. Some days my kids need me to be present and my work gets done at odd times of the day. Other days, I have deadlines and my work requires me to stay later. I think it is important to determine what is important to you and make time for it. It also means that something else might need to go to create time for what really matters.