Member Mondays - Sheru Kagalwalla

June 6, 2021
Sheru Kagalwalla
Friedman LLP
CREWbiz Profile

How Many Years a CREWNY Member:
Three years

2021 CREWNY Role:
Member of CREW Network and Membership Recognition Committee and Member Engagement & Empowerment Committee

How do you bring value to your company?
With over two decades of public accounting experience and working in different industries for several years and finally specializing in real estate, I add value not just by talking to my clients about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or Tax but by always being there for them and anticipating their needs. By helping the new generation of accountants to understand the business and clients, and providing emotional support and career guidance by really listening to them and sharing with them my knowledge and experiences.

Tell us about a significant challenge you faced, how you overcame it, and what you learned.
I came to the USA from India in 1987, to pursue an MBA leaving behind a job and a comfortable life, looking for a better one, with no idea of what the future lies ahead of me. After graduating from college in 1989, I started looking for a job in accounting but with the economy in recession and no prior experience working in an accounting department the job market was very challenging, and I found it difficult to find something. Time was running out for me financially, and I needed to find a job soon or else return to India. Eventually I landed a position as a recruiter with an IT startup company. Even with no prior experience or training in IT, I not only successfully recruited quality consultants for the company, but also became involved in the management of the company. I continued to pursue acquiring my CPA license and obtaining it, I eventually did secure a position in public accounting.

What advice would you give on how to achieve work/life balance?
Work life balance is not one size fits all. Do what makes you happy and quality is more important than quantity.

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?
If there is a will there is a way. Over the past year I saw people adapt to situations and learned that we can achieve anything together if we stayed focused and share a common goal.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Be kind to yourself and don’t take things personally, work hard but enjoy life.

How do you encourage women reports, colleagues and friends in CRE to persevere, despite challenges?
Show confidence in what you do and believe in yourself. Build your network outside your current job and stay connected. Networking is not just seeking help for yourself but to also help your connections.