Member Mondays - Madelyne Kirch

May 9, 2021
Madelyne Kirch
Sun & Moon Marketing Communications
CREWbiz Profile
How Many Years A CREWNY Member?:
27 (including AREW years)

Fun Fact:
I enjoy exotic traveling and cycling, often combining the two. Biking trips have the Loire Valley, Tuscany, Southeast Asia and Holland & Belgium. I’ve also cycled in four 5-Boro Bike Tours.

How do you bring value to your company?
I’m fortunate to have several opportunities to add value – I have a four-decade perspective on the industry and the world having started my company during a recession, living through two more and, of course, the Covid era. You see how the world changes and adapts, moves forward with new technologies, integrates new ways of working, defines and redefines priorities. The role of women, in particular, and their role in the industry, has changed significantly.

That perspective allows me to mentor our company’s next generation of leaders. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping them understand the larger context in which any given client or project operates.

And, I continue to enjoy strategizing with clients and synthesizing real estate and marketing to discern the essence of a message, develop strategies and translate them into creative, appropriate, effective marketing tools.

What about CRE ignites your passion?
My passion for real estate began in graduate school where I studied public administration and began to recognize the importance and value of cities. Since then, both personally and professionally I’ve been an avid student of cities had a keen interest in their continuing vitality. I’m fond of saying, “it’s always about the real estate,” which is almost often accurate ¬ – so many of our personal and professional life decisions are rooted in real estate. Where and how we choose to live, to work, to play on a daily and longer-term basis is intimately intertwined with our real estate decisions. Few other aspects of life are as fundamental. And so, we have a responsibility as professionals to optimize those experiences for as many people as possible. And that opportunity to participate in bringing a better life forth for others continues to excite me to this day.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are proud of:
I’m very proud that I was able to bootstrap and build a well-respected marketing firm for a quarter century beginning in my basement with a $2,500 investment. The company created dozens of jobs and gave many people a start in the industry. It supported clients in virtually every facet of the business and brought forth innovations in media, production and marketing suite technology. Over the years we worked with clients to create neighborhoods, name buildings, brand companies and create new businesses. Our work has added significant value to our clients – there are buildings that are referred to by names we created – and that makes we very proud.