Member Mondays - Elaine Philis, JD

April 25, 2021
Elaine Philis, JD
Head of Capital Raising & Investor Relations
Broadshore Capital Partners
CREWbiz profile
How Many Years a CREWNY Member:
Good question – was involved as founding member of NYCREW but not active for a few years until 2021

Fun Fact:
I’m an avid hiker having trekked in Nepal, the Andes and across Europe. Getting on the trail kept me sane during the pandemic!

How do you bring value to your company?
As the Head of Marketing for Broadshore, I am responsible not only for raising capital from new investors, but also for raising the profile of the firm in general and cultivating our image in the market. The most important thing I do is taking the passion and expertise of our team and translating that into a simple message that can be understood and appreciated both internally and externally. The book, Start With Why, did a nice job of explaining the concept that every employee needs be aligned in understanding and believing in the company’s mission. Once they do, it makes it much easier to translate that to those outside the company. One of the most value things I do is discovering what is our “secret sauce” and distilling that message into something easily digestible by the investment community. If you do that well, it’s much easier to separate your company from the crowd and attract and retain investors.

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?
I have always seen myself as an extrovert. It goes with the territory when you are in sales/marketing. So I was surprised to find how perfectly content I was spending so much time alone during the 2020 lockdowns. I still love connecting with people both for work and socially. The biggest surprise of 2020 was learning I am actually an Ambivert – a new term I learned this year!

What did you want to be growing up?
After viewing lots of Perry Mason re-runs, I wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer. And I became one! I ended up moving to commercial real estate law, then going to NYU for my MBA and working as a mortgage banker, investment banker and in private equity. When students ask for my advice I tell them not to get locked into just one idea. Leave yourself open to follow the twists and turns of fate that may take you to a field you never even knew existed when you were starting out.