Member Mondays - Meet Julia Rocco

March 7, 2021
Julia Rocco
Senior Director of Asset Management, Northern Region
Kimco Realty
CREWbiz profile

How many years a CREWNY member?
Four years

Fun Fact:
Karaoke is a serious sport at my house.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are proud of:
I am most proud of being nominated President-Elect of CREWNY, where networking, professional development, and leadership opportunities are unparalleled for women in CRE. I am very passionate about helping to empower and promote women leaders in the industry.

What about Commercial Real Estate ignites your passion?
It’s a tangible asset which fundamentally serves a basic need to protect people from the elements. However, at a higher level, through design, landscape and architecture, CRE inspires and helps solve societal issues such as the lack of affordable housing, improving the quality of life through public spaces, cultivating healthy communities, and creating innovative spaces for companies to do business.

How about in your current role?
Ultimately, my aim is to help maximize profitability and enhance property values, while mitigating risks at +100 assets. Historically, that meant being laser focused on redevelopment opportunities and lease spreads. However, the pandemic has brought into focus how vital AR and tenant retention are to our business. Our portfolio has been very resilient given the location, quality of our assets and tenant line-up, which typically focuses on necessity-based retailing. Although its been extremely challenging, given the obstacles faced by many of the small shop tenants, Kimco has gone above and beyond to help tenants keep their businesses operational. I am passionate about our assets and the communities they serve. The business is always evolving, and I love that about it.

What advice would you give your younger self?
To stay focused despite the distractions that life throws you. Actively pursue work experiences that align with your professional goals and will allow you to develop tactical skills along the way. I would also add to take on a lot more risk in pursuit of those goals while free of responsibilities i.e. mortgages, contributing to college/ retirement funds.