2020 CREW New York Impact Awards

March 3, 2020

CREWNY members are achieving extraordinary success in commercial real estate and demonstrating exceptional leadership and talent. They support CREWNY's mission of advancing the success of women in CRE, through their collaboration and accomplishments.

Share these achievements and the impact you and your CREWNY colleagues are making! 

Nominate one or more CREWNY members, including yourself, for a 2020 CREWNY Impact Award using our very simple Nomination Form and process.

This year, CREWNY Impact Awards will again recognize and promote our extraordinary member achievements in the four areas described below: 

» Career Advancement for Women Impact

Consistently exemplifies commitment to advancing the careers of women in CRE by significantly impacting one or more women

» Economic and Community Improvement Impact 

Playing a pivotal role in a commercial real estate project that has positively impacted a community in significant and measurable ways

» Entrepreneurial Spirit Impact

Taking risks by stepping “outside of the box” to achieve a unique career success or milestone

» Member-to-Member Business Impact

Creating measurable business or other opportunities for other CREWNY members


Recognize the achievements, and celebrate the success, of you and your CREWNY colleagues with an Impact Award Nomination!‚Äč

For questions about completing a Nomination Form, contact CREW Network and Member Recognition Chair, Rachel Merva at rachel.merva@azoa.com; or Vice Chair, Katherine Sayer at ksayer@ft.newyorklife.com.


followed by an Accept/Decline; and thereafter a completed Application by all who accept.

A single CREW New York Impact Award winner (and all nominees) will be recognized at a members-only lunch to be scheduled at a later date.

Each 2020 CREWNY Impact Award mirrors the corresponding 2020 CREW Network Award. So if you complete an application for a CREW Network Impact Award, those application responses may also be used to respond to the corresponding questions in the appropriate CREWNY Impact Award application. 

*The following Members are not eligible for Impact Awards: CREWNY Executive Committee Members, CREWNY CREW Network & Member Recognition Committee Members, and any Member who is not in good standing.