Convention Scholarship Winner Reports on the Event and Being a New Mother

October 23, 2019
Written by: Deborah Farahmand
Deborah Farahmand
Associate, Real Estate
Akerman LLP
I was back from maternity leave for two days before I boarded the plane for Convention. I’d set many goals for Convention, but my main goal was to convince myself that I can be a great mother while simultaneously being an accomplished professional. So many of the women I met generously shared their experience with being a working mom. I was feeling in good company as I found a seat at the Distinguished Leaders Roundtable panel where three highly accomplished and respected women spoke about many things, including being working moms who try to make it all work. These women spoke about struggling with mommy guilt. They talked about having it all, but not having it all at the same time. Hearing these women speak candidly about their experience was, for me, the biggest inspiration of Convention. I left with a sense of belonging and support knowing that I can succeed in my career and as a new mom!