DEI Taskforce Committee

Since its inception, the mission of CREW has been to promote and empower women in the Commercial Real Estate industry.  Working to achieve gender Equity & Inclusion in the workplace has been a key pillar of our mission from day one.  Today we are expanding our commitment to incorporate Diversity as a critical cornerstone of our mission that will help shape the future identity of CREW.  An identity that not only embraces opportunities within Commercial Real Estate for ALL women, but one that celebrates the differences that make us unique and extraordinarily stronger when we combine forces to achieve our individual and collective goals.

We will partner with our members and sponsors, our community, public and private sector leaders, friends and supporters, to research and implement best practices in the pursuit of true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our goals include but are not limited to these positive outcomes and the development of metrics to measure them socially, politically, and economically:

  1. Increase the Diversity of our Organization (members and leadership)
  2. Understand the impact of Diversity and Inclusion in our businesses and corporations
  3. Broaden our relationship with the diverse community at large
  4. Educating and Connecting Members to Opportunities for Women and Minority Women Owned Businesses

CREW New York’s Taskforce on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is currently meeting weekly and will soon be seeking Committee members to work with us on our Committee Action Plan.


Committee Members

Board Liaison