Serving on a committee is one of the best ways to maximize your return on investment in your CREW New York membership.

Committee participation boosts your leadership skills and expands your personal and professional network, all while making a difference in the ongoing success and vitality of CREW New York.

As a committee member, you’ll learn about the operation of CREW New York from an inside perspective and gain valuable experience for future leadership positions within CREW New York as well as your career.

Interested in joining? Explore this overview of each of CREW New York’s committees here. Then contact a CREW New York Committee Chair to see how you can help.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for finding sponsors to underwrite CREW New York’s monthly luncheon programs and networking receptions. Sponsors are given recognition and acknowledgement of their support. The Committee is also responsible for all communication with the sponsors, disseminating sponsorship information to the Board, Communications Chair and our newsletter editor, and after event follow up. The Committee meets as required and coordinates via telephone or e-mail.

Daria Salusbury - Chair

Sheri Best - Vice Chair

The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE reaches out to individuals who have requested membership information answering any questions that they may have about the benefits of CREW New York membership and assisting them with their application. Committee members also assist with integrating new members and introducing them to CREW New York members. The Committee meets occasionally throughout the year and coordinates via telephone or e-mail.

Kasey Pace - Chair

Michelle DeCarlo - Vice Chair

The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for overseeing CREW New York’s public relations and marketing communications activities, working with public relations, graphic design and website consultants. These activities include press releases and announcements; print and digital advertising; collateral materials including membership and sponsorship brochures, event invitations, and event flyers; and production of CREW New York’s bi-monthly communications summaries/newsletters.

The Committee also oversees the CREW New York website; creates, coordinates and updates the master e-blast calendar; and prepares slide shows and signage for luncheons and other events. Work is usually done individually and coordinated via telephone or email.

Kathryn Kucharski - Chair

Anuska Amparo - Vice Chair

The PROGRAMS COMMITTEE is responsible for developing the program of CREW New York’s monthly luncheons, industry leader breakfasts, seminars and tours. They select timely real estate topics, invite appropriate speakers to each event, select locations for the seminars and tours and disseminate information on the event topics to the Communications and PR Committee. They also register attendees at tours and seminars. The Committee meets monthly and coordinates events via telephone or e-mail.

Alana Sliwinski - Chair

Deena Crimaldi - Vice Chair

The CREW NETWORK AND MEMBERSHIP RECOGNITION COMMITTEE communicates the benefits of being a member of CREW New York and the larger global organization, CREW Network. The committee promotes member to member interaction and relationship building through CREW Connections, a series of monthly networking events, which consists of CREW Coffee, CREW Cocktails and CREW Dine-a-Rounds. CREW Connections create opportunities to build relationships that build business!

The committee also identifies, promotes and recognizes the professional success, achievements and contributions of our members within CREW Network and the Commercial Real Estate industry. The Committee meets as required and coordinates via meeting, telephone or email.

Barbara Champoux - Chair

Anya Nabiev - Vice Chair

The YOUNG PROFESSIONALS COMMITTEE provides members age 40 and under (or with less than 10 years’ experience within the CRE industry) opportunities to become engaged and integrated into CREW New York.  The Young Professionals Committee organizes social and business networking events, professional development and leadership training and opportunities to participate in mentorship programs.

Michelle Bernstein - Chair

Ashley Grebow - Vice Chair

The LEGACY LEADERS COMMITTEE provides members who have attained management positions or higher within their organizations with the opportunity to leverage their experience, skills and talents for the benefit of CREW New York and its membership. Programs organized by the Legacy Leaders Committee provide members the opportunity to conduct leadership, career and professional development through training and mentorship to members.

Betty Castro - Chair

Maria Elefante - Vice Chair

The CAREER ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE is the philanthropic arm of CREW New York and is responsible for developing the chapter’s charitable, philanthropic, educational, scholarship and community outreach programs. Committee members are involved in fundraising, mentoring and community service activities consistent with the mission of CREW New York and CREW Network Foundation. Committee members meet monthly and coordinate via telephone and e-mail.

Wendy Rossi - Chair

Erin Timko - Vice Chair