Board of Directors

CREW New York is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals. Serving on the CREW New York Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other women and men of high achievement working in commercial real estate.

By serving on the CREW New York Board of Directors, you:

  • Increase your visibility within the CRE industry
  • Grow your leadership skills and experience that benefit you and your company
  • Have an impact on the future of women in the industry
  • Expand your professional connections
  • Have an opportunity to influence the direction and benefits of CREW New York

Time Commitment

The time required to perform your position on the board of directors depends on the position you hold. In addition to attending a monthly board meeting, chairs of committees often hold monthly telecons with their committee members and are asked to provide a written update prior to each board meeting.

Meet the Officers


Jaimee Nardiello
Zetlin & De Chiara LLP


Marianne Mathieu
VP/National Agency Accounts
Fidelity National Title Group

Past President

Michele O'Connor


Gina Mavica
Baker & Hostetler LLP


Allison Robin Zampetti
Project Manager
Levien & Company, Inc.

Member at Large

Michele Boddewyn
Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, D.P.C.

Meet the Commitee Chairs

Program Chair

Alana Sliwinski
Troutman Sanders LLP

Emerging Leaders Chair

Michelle Bernstein
Miter Construction Corp.

Membership Chair

Kacey Pace
Project Manager
Zubatkin Owner Representation, LLC

Legacy Leaders Chair

Debra Cole
Principal/Client Relations Director
HLW International, LLP

Sponsorship Chair

Sheri Best
Contractor Compliance LLC

Foundation Chair

Katherine  DeMercurio
Marketing & Communications Manager
EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc.

Communications/PR Chair

Kathryn Kucharski
Marketing Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction

CREW Network Chair/Member Recognition

Barbara E. Champoux
Champoux Law Group PLLC

Presidents' Council

2017 | Michele O'Connor
2016 | Theresa Garelli
2015 | Christine Chipurnoi
2015 | Jane Lyons
2014 | Erin Bond (AREW)
2014 | Laura Walker (NYCREW)
2013 | Shari Linnick (NYCREW)
2013 | Lina Telese, Esq. (AREW)
2011–2012 | Jennifer Carey (AREW)
2012 | Karen Dome (NYCREW)
2010–2011 | Debra Cole (AREW)
2011 | Karen Dome (NYCREW)
2010 | Sharon Khurdan (NYCREW)
2009–2010 | Rebecca Mason (AREW)
2008–2009 | Jennifer A. McCool (AREW)
2009 | Elizabeth Muskat (NYCREW)
2007–2008 | Frances Ann Delgorio (AREW)
2008 | Anna Hertzman (NYCREW)
2007 | Karen Nickerson (NYCREW)
2006–2007 | Anne Teshima (AREW)
2005–2006 | Amy Singer Applebaum (AREW)
2006 | Barbara Champoux (NYCREW)
2004–2005 | Michele Medaglia (AREW)
2005 | Elaine Philis (NYCREW)
2004 | Barbara Champoux (NYCREW)
2003–2004 | Marie-Claire Cunningham (AREW)
2003 | Catherine Ann Agnew (NYCREW)

2002–2003 | Suzanne Kliegerman (AREW)
2001–2002 | Nora C. Coffey (AREW)
2002 | Marlyn A. Pauley (NYCREW)
2001 | Dotti Cunningham (NYCREW)
2000–2001 | Patricia Madsen, Esq. (AREW)
1999–2000 | Ruth A. Agnese (D) (AREW)
1998–1999 | Carol J. Patterson, Esq. (AREW)
1997–1998 | Louise M. Matthews (AREW)
1996–1997 | Eileen P. Brumback, Esq (AREW)
1995–1996 | Paula S. Wexler Tarlow (AREW)
1994–1995 | Alissa J. Gaines (AREW)
1993–1994 | Faith H. Consolo (AREW)
1992–1993 | Alice C. Early (AREW)
1991–1992 | Virginia A. Millhiser (AREW)
1990–1991 | Sybil H. Pollet (AREW)
1989–1990 | Susan H. Hewitt (AREW)
1988–1989 | Diane B. Diamondstein (AREW)
1987–1988 | Elisa J. Baudanza (AREW)
1986–1987 | Bernice Forman (AREW)
1985–1986 | Mary Salerno (D) (AREW)
1984–1985 | Helen W. Nitkin (AREW)
1983–1984 | Janet A. Levy (AREW)
1982–1983 | Marilyn Kramer Weitzman (AREW)
1981–1982 | Joan Gordon (AREW)
1980–1981 | Carol D. Nichols (AREW)
1979–1980 | Merle Z. Gross-Ginsburg (AREW)